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At Allyn Smith Law Group, PC, we work with our clients in order to address their real estate concerns and protect their real estate interests. We help lenders guard their interests in a property in the event of dispute.

When a lender finds that it must foreclose a mortgage or forfeit a land contract, it is important to act quickly in order to safeguard the lender's interest. Ms. Allyn works effectively on behalf of her clients in order to secure their interests when the need arises. She has a wealth of experience to draw upon when advocating on a clients' behalf. Ms. Allyn is able to successfully and adeptly act to protect a client's interest as may become necessary. This includes matters such as where a debtor has commenced bankruptcy proceedings, or there is a landlord-tenant or eviction dispute. Ms. Allyn makes certain that the lender's interests are made known.

We develop relationships with our clients in order to best serve their needs. Our firm is ready to work with our clients in order to craft the most positive outcome possible.


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"The attorneys at the Allyn Smith Law Group were focused on serving my best interests and they displayed an unconditional willingness to support these interests throughout my case. I appreciated ...


"A pleasure to work with. Very professional and efficient."      -- Wayne County bankruptcy ...


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bio_footer_edenEden J. Allyn is an ardent advocate for her clients. Practicing since 1996, Ms. Allyn has dedicated herself to helping her clients by staying abreast of the latest issues and developments in the law. Read more...

bio_footer_kristinKristin M. Smith has worked on behalf of clients since 1995. From the beginning of her career, Ms. Smith has been an ardent advocate for those who find themselves in difficult legal circumstances, utilizing her legal skills for the benefit of her clients. Read more...

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